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The Power of Invisible Energy

Sep 24, 2020 | Energy

If you ever want to rid yourself of a person’s attention at a party, start talking about how important invisible energy is to everyday life. They’ll practically disappear before your eyes, which is pretty ironic.

It’s difficult to conceive of an invisible power anywhere outside the context of a Harry Potter novel. It’s the stuff of witchcraft and fantasy – not serious people. Physicists and engineers talk about it all the time, but they aren’t very popular at parties either. They’re a little too serious for most.

So where is the sweet spot in the dichotomous attitude humans have about invisible energy? We’re literally surrounded by and made up of the stuff. It not only comprises 96 percent of the universe, it’s also directly used by human beings every day.

Most remember the magnet and iron filings experiment in grade school that displays the magnetic forcefield.  Perhaps you’ve teased a cat with a laser pointer’s coherent light that’s only visible when it hits a surface. Everyone seems to love the convenience of reheating food in a microwave. And who doesn’t use WIFI for their cell phone or computer?

The list of invisible energy devices grows longer every year. Let’s not forget radar guns measuring the speed of a pitcher’s fast ball, the global positioning system tracking you within 6 feet of actual location and mobile phones.

The invisible power of the magnet on display.

It’s really not a question of “seeing is believing” any longer. It’s more a question of how useful it is to us in any moment to inspire an investment of belief, or perhaps, the suspension of disbelief. But you don’t have to look any further for proof of how invisible energy has improved your life.

It is your life. It is every experience and sensation.

Your Energy Sensors

Invisible energy is the essence of all laughter, every word or song you’ll ever hear, and gives rise to every emotion ever felt. It’s the very quality of life itself.

The body senses to which we ascribe our sense of reality are essentially sophisticated energy detectors. That’s what Einstein meant when he said reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.

Your eyes can detect a single photon of light, which is a tiny energy packet known as a quantum. Your nose can detect the vibration of a single molecule of gas. Your ears register sound energy vibrating at a range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. If they were any more sensitive, you’d hear the random vibration of molecules in the ears themselves. Your favorite food is just a collection of vibrating energy molecules stimulating and vibrating tastebuds on your tongue. The feel of silk sheets is simply your nerves vibrating in response to the interaction of electrons of the sheet and those of your skin – you don’t actually touch anything. There’s a barrier of electrons between you and everything.

All experiences of “reality” are in fact processed electromagnetic signals occurring in the dark skull container of your brain. It can only register about four percent of everything around us known as mass. This fundamental truth was the basis for the film, The Matrix.

That might sound less than enthralling or even bleak, but the capacity for our bodies and its energy systems to process information are nevertheless quite stunning.

Our sensory systems are sophisticated biotechnology. They’re only one aspect of a larger biotechnology known as the body. As our awareness of the capacity of these systems improve, an entirely different and better experience of life opens to us.

It’s a tremendously exciting era to be alive. The current generation will be the first to fully bring these known capabilities online.

Your Energy Systems

Everything written above is from the 20th century or before. It’s time to update our frame of reference to the current century. Most discoveries made during the last 30 years are not common knowledge. Indeed, many of the discoveries made during the last 50 years aren’t widely known. Below is a small sampling of beliefs from 50 years ago that didn’t stand the test of time. How many do you still believe?

The brain is finite and many of the neural cells you had at birth will die and not be replaced.

Not true. Your brain is quite dynamic and grows new neurons all the time in addition to replacing older cells every 7 – 10 years. The neurons grow new connections  with every learning experience. By the way, you actually have three brains. Neural clusters have been found on the heart and in the enteric nervous system that governs digestion. Those neural groups work independently of the cranial brain.

Darwin’s theory of evolution and “survival of the fittest” for scarce resources is an accurate view of nature and humanity.

It’s not looking good. Discoveries during the last 50 years present more contradictory evidence than confirming proof. The extinction of every species threatens many other species that depended upon some activity of the extinct animal. Trees have been shown to communicate among each other and neighboring plants. They share resources through their root systems. Nature appears to be fundamentally cooperative – not competitive. The discovery of the telomere-to-telomere splicing of the second chromosome in human beings needs serious study and understanding. There is no known natural process for that joining to occur. The Origin of Species is on life support.

Your DNA dictates your life, your capabilities and your death. There’s nothing you can do about it.

No, absolutely no, ridiculous, and probably untrue. I worked on a medical campus where a researcher contributed to the Human Genome Project that mapped the entire human DNA. The campus buzzed with excitement as we contemplated unlocking the secrets of life itself. Perhaps one day the repair of faulty DNA would be like replacing a defective automobile part. The actual results fell far short of expectations to say the least.

The researchers declared that 98.5 percent of the DNA was “junk.” Usefulness was defined as playing a role in the biochemical process of creating proteins. Later research has found that at least 80 percent of DNA plays some important role in regulation or replication processes. A new research area called epigenetics (meaning above genetics) arose to study how behaviors and environment influence how the body reads and replicates DNA. That process determines health status.

Stay tuned. The medical community’s bias for biochemical processes is unwarranted in this writer’s opinion. That bias is likely blinding otherwise earnest researchers from recognizing other possibilities – including but not limited to quantum processes. We simply do not understand this complicated molecule or its replication processes yet.

Energy Domains

The fact that epigenetics examines determinant behaviors such as exercise in DNA reading and replication underscores the need to approach biological systems as energy systems. Exercise has been proven to positively influence everything from cellular biology, digestion and psychological outlook.

Reductionism, or the study of individual organs and systems, is increasingly misleading. It will not explain how quantum tunneling occurs during the DNA replication process or the role of biophotons in living tissues.

The concept of response coherence has been discussed among scientists since at least 1872 particularly regarding emotional influence. While psychologists study emotional intelligence as the ability to regulate and manage emotion, they do so with the assumption that management originates in the brain.

The Answer is One  will propose the actual source of emotional intelligence resides in the neural structures of the heart energy domain and is then relayed to the brain/mind domain via the vagus nerve. There is abundant scientific evidence to support the hypothesis.

Moreover, the heart is the source of a powerful electromagnetic field that likely communicates information across all energy domains of the body/biofield. The electromagnetic (EM) field of the heart has been repeatedly measured at least three feet around the body, while the brain’s EM field is only measurable a few inches around the skull. The heart energy domain is also the only energy center of the body to sufficiently disrupt air to be detected by the ears without sophisticated technology.

The entire body generates moving electrical impulses that give rise to a larger EM field. The bedrock of the universe is the quantum field that has enough EM  energy in a cubic centimeter to boil all the oceans on Earth.

The “empty” space around you right now is full of that level of quantum field energy. It’s not empty space at all. There is no such thing as empty space.

It remains to be discovered how much of the quantum field can be accessed or possibly influenced by human beings. Stand by – quantum physicists predict we will see gravity powered  vehicles within the next century. You won’t want to miss that.

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Written by: Brian J. O'Malley

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