Human Energy Domains

The six Human Energy Domains comprise a conceptual model that delineates human experience into a set of operational energy fields. The domains are represented by a Venn diagram with overlapping sections to indicate their energetic forces act in tandem with one another.

Although the potent expression of one domain may prevail in a specific situation, all are affected simultaneously. Further, the overperformance of any one or more energy domains can be willfully moderated by the less influenced domains.

The center area of the diagram forms the Flower of Life found in most major religions and is often interpreted as a symbol for the universe. In this book, the flower represents the experiential life of the human being. Life experiences are the human being’s universe.

The Human Energy Domains are every person’s seat of power. They are simultaneously the radar, navigational helm and map into the future. They form every perception and every reaction to life.

Energy domains within an individual are as unique as snowflakes, because they’re in a constant state of modification based on perceptions and responses. They are the essence of each life experience that culminate to form the individuality of every person.

Proper management of the Human Energy Domains governs quality of life and likely regulates human potential itself.

What Are the Human Energy Domains?

The Human Energy Domains are the stage upon which every human life plays out. Their dynamic and incredibly powerful vitality reaches every part of the body to the atomic level and beyond. They are subject to each person’s control when and if that control is desired and exercised.

The energy fields affect all operations within the body. Collectively, they may be thought of as the intelligence of the body. Their power shapes brain growth, switch DNA genes off or on, enhance emotional stability and extend focused attention, to name a few.

The domains are real and self-evident. They form the basis of every sensory impression and response including those beyond the capacity of science to explain. Common examples include:


  • Emotional responses so powerful it becomes difficult to fully control bodily actions or to move voluntarily
  • Concentration to the point of losing track of time and space
  • Connection with another person powerful enough to eliminate the need for words or that stimulate a simultaneous rise of identical thoughts
  • Full answers to a difficult problem or issue that arise during dreams, shortly after awaking or upon complete relaxation
  • The apparent passage of information from a human to a non-human such as a pet or other animal
  • A musical score in a concert, opera, film or play evoking a sudden rush of emotion that the person cannot easily explain
Human Energy Domains

The Six Human Energy Domains

Millions of people have experienced at least one item on the above list. The experiences are commonly dismissed by science as nonsense. Other times they’re simply ignored or categorized as an unusual event and laughed off.

Yet, science has abundant proof that non-material energy can and does elicit the production of material hormones and peptides within the body that are key players in DNA expression and other bodily responses. Stress is widely recognized as a comorbidity factor in the top six causes of death for example.

 Aligning Human Energy Domains

Human Energy Domains will gain tremendous importance once their power is fully understood as the arbiter of everything in our lives – including how long it lasts. In the meantime, we can learn how to better manage them to improve our personal satisfaction and performance. Perhaps avoiding catastrophic illness will be in the bargain too. It’s being studied now.

By natural right, a person’s energy domains are highly personal expressions directed and controlled in any manner seen fit. However, the average person has only vague awareness of these domains and rarely understands their awesome power. The concept of personal energy exchanges with the sea of energy surrounding us is far less familiar. It’s practically unknown by most.

This book is the first step into an expansive new realm for human experience and exploration. Science already knows our energy expressions travel across the universe. That is the nature of all non-material energy, and nothing but energy is real, as per Einstein.

Obviously, our individual energy expressions have no known effect on the enormous energy comprising our world or universe. It is incumbent for the far less substantial personal energy to align with the larger natural universe harboring all life. Failure to do so is contrary to life. That much can and will be proven in this book.

Human Energy Domains Open the Future

For the comparatively rare people capable of aligning their energy domains with nature, entirely new vistas of possibility are unlocked and manifest in the direction of their intent. That human capacity is at the heart of every advancement ever made. It’s how ideas such as an automobile or a toothpick become manifest inventions or how songs and books are written.

Humanity is the only known species that routinely invents and creates using intangible ideas from imagination. Our energy domains are the most capable found on the planet.

The technologies of light bulbs, microwave ovens and radios do not dictate to the energy system they harness. Their wires, chips and components align and adapt to make use of the natural world for the purposes intended.


The cans in this video represent human consciousness and its inherent ability to bring all human energy domains into optimization with the use of entrainment.

The metronomes represent the six Human Energy Domains. What could you accomplish if all your domains worked in perfect harmony?

Likewise, our Human Energy Domains can achieve coherence with the energetic nature supporting us to influence outcomes we intend to use. Millions of ordinary people produce examples daily without realizing it. Imagine what’s possible with dedicated intent and prolonged application behind the effort.

First, it’s best to learn the full nature and qualities offered by these energy domains. They serve as the interface between our inner and outer worlds. We must protect them from corruption that works against our best interests. All chaos in societies across the globe are naught but a reflection of corrupted inner energy systems within resident populations.

Tibet likely has the largest culture purposefully aligned and directed by their Human Energy Domains. A population of 3.5 million live in peace and good health at altitudes between 14,000 – 17,000 feet. By contrast, one in five people who travel to Denver located at 5,279 feet report altitude sickness.

We need not become monks to achieve more harmonious lifestyles characterized by physical and emotional health and stability. Our culture is considerably more active than Tibet, but self-awareness doesn’t require extremes to be effectively used.

The entire topic of Human Energy Domains leads to self-awareness. It’s learning about the true nature of the energetic tools we were all born with to ensure survival. It’s a journey within to discover the full range of human power and its capacity to move life forward.

You deserve to know.

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