Human Energy Domains

The Answer is One addresses an error from more than a century ago. Humanity was left out of the now famous mass-energy equivalence formula Einstein first published, E=MC2. We weren’t intentionally excluded. It just wasn’t openly discussed. We didn’t know how to talk about it.

Today, Quantum Medicine is being discussed and explored by the finest medical institutions in the world. The Placebo Effect is being studied by Harvard Medical School that solidly affirms its reality.

It doesn’t matter why or how we remained ignorant of the full application of Einstein’s discovery. Certainly, the difficulty of measuring energy systems was a factor at first. The discomfort materialist scientists have about the invisible nature of energy continues to play a role. Many factors were and remain involved including just plain stubbornness and resistance to change.

Nevertheless, it’s true. We are energy beings living in an energy universe. The open admission by mainstream science of the effects quantum physics has puts us all on the frontier of knowledge today.

Science has made remarkable progress during the last 116 years, and the evidence of our energy nature is coming to light. Most of the new discoveries remain as unknown to the average person as the implications of Einstein’s findings have been since the beginning.

We can correct the record now. The Answer is One starts that process by focusing solely on you – the human being. Every word and every sentence of the book describes you either directly or indirectly with reliable science to support it.


Six “Human Energy Domains” are defined as a scientific model for describing the life force of human beings. The domains are represented by a Venn diagram with overlapping sections to indicate the forces act in tandem with one another. Although one domain may take control in a specific situation, all are affected simultaneously. Further, the overperformance of any one or combination of energy domains can be willfully moderated by the less influenced domains.

The center area of the diagram forms the Flower of Life found in almost every major religion and is sometimes interpreted as a symbol of the universe. In this book, the flower represents the experiential life of the human being. Life experiences are the human being’s universe.

This book explores your universe and describes it accurately to you for the first time anywhere.

Energy Can Be Modulated

The greatest thing about our energetic reality is that energy is capable of being modified. You are able to push the envelope of your entire existence and experience. There are more ways than you dare dream of now, but they exist.

The popular notion of “the human condition” as being an angry, illogical, jumbled mess of reactive emotion is absolute nonsense. As energy beings, we are only restricted to the same laws that govern nature and the universe.

Human Energy Domains

The Six Human Energy Domains

Those are pretty incredible parameters. Look outside your window. There’s room for everything.

You’ve never been provided enough information before to make lasting modification. That’s all. Some of them are so easy you can start making changes immediately. Keep what works best. You can always change it again.

You’re a Master of Change

You’ve been making changes your entire life. You’re making them right now.

An average reader will replace 32.1 million cells of all types before reaching the bottom of this page. You won’t feel a thing, but it’s happening. Every time you “change your mind,” you are growing a brand new neural network that will either grow stronger or weaker by means of your own will and repetition. In fact, you control everything – even your DNA expression.

We don’t know all the details yet, but we know enough to steer things in the right direction.

You are all owners of a spectacular biotechnology that heals itself. When true coherence and harmony are achieved among the Human Energy Domains, health and an entire universe of capacity will open for us. The Flower of Life will bloom.

Proof of the Domains

Your own experiences are the proof of the human energy domains. You’ve changed them considerably since childhood. You modify them daily. Every time you change your mind or learn a new hobby.

Similarly, most have experienced intuitive insights from “nowhere” or had identical ideas arise simultaneously with another person. How many times have you communicated without making a sound?

Perhaps the better question is, how many times have you ignored your own powers?

The domains are real and self-evident. They form the basis of every experience you will ever have.

Isn’t it time to trust your experiences at least as much as those people who tell you they’re worthless?

Your experiences are where your power for change lives. Making changes consciously and with purpose leads to coherence among the domains.

The cans in this video represent human consciousness and its inherent ability to bring all human energy domains into optimization with the use of entrainment.

The metronomes represent the six Human Energy Domains. What could you accomplish if all your domains worked in perfect harmony?

Human Energy Domains

The Human Energy Domains below are listed in the order of priority for most human beings to address. These domains are the most common problem areas people seek treatment to alleviate. They’re listed here as tools you can use for your highest development. They are not weaknesses. They are your assets and gifts when used with coherence and harmony.


The Brain/Mind energy field is so called because the constituent entities appear to work in close collaboration but are substantially different.

The brain will be examined in terms of structures, the chemical releases and organs. The mind will be investigated as an energy system of thoughts, electromagnetic energy and epiphenomenon of the neuronal network.

There are so many mysteries of the brain/mind energy domain, an entire book could be dedicated to it alone. Among the unexplained mysteries are:

  • Why we sleep. There’s no substantial “rest” of brain activity during sleep, and the body’s repair process is ongoing around the clock.
  • Where memories are stored. Most likely, they’re not stored in the brain.
  • What is an idea and how can a person hear their verbal thoughts? The latter is clearly a resonant energy, but from where, and acting upon what?

Nearly 60 years of documenting brainwave activity and neuroimaging have yielded almost no answers to those and many more questions. We’ve known since the 1960’s that a decision made by a baseball player to swing at a fast ball can’t be one made in the brain. The ball travels too fast, and the time for the brain signal to result in a motor movement is too slow. As baseball great Yogi Berra is alleged to have said, “You can’t think and hit at the same time.”

The brain isn’t the only place in the body biofield capable of independent thinking though.

Body Biofield

The human body biofield energy domain is a spectacular biotechnology by itself. Cultural conditioning promotes the perception that the body biofield as weak and in need of defense. The truth is we know extraordinarily little about how it operates. All known facts indicate the body is quite capable of mounting its own defense in most cases.

Let’s assume the number of cells in the body biofield is at the lowest estimate of 38 trillion. Some estimates go as high at 100 trillion. We completely replace every cell in a cycle lasting seven to 10 years, which we’ll assume at the lower estimate of seven years. The average reader will replace 32.1 million cells before reaching the end of this page.

We breathe in approximately 100,000 viruses and bacteria with every breath, or about 4.1 million per hour. The adaptive immune system has at least two trillion cells to meet those threats and can synthesize at least 1 million different types of antibodies. Those immune cells have a mass equivalent to the brain or the liver and outnumber stars in the Milky Way by a factor of five. The efficiency of the immune system alone is breathtaking.

The body biofield is constantly repairing and defending itself. It is not weak or vulnerable.

The above facts barely scratch the surface of the magnificence of the body biofield. It’s clearly an energetic system in multiple aspects of physics.

Recent discoveries in cellular metabolism prove cells “label” broken proteins and other waste products with a marker for evacuation. That process implies three other capacities of the cell: perception, evaluation and decision making. Many physicians now openly assert that our body systems have intelligence on a staggering scale.


Communication is ubiquitous across nature and the human being. The present model of chemical interactions does not explain either the speed at which communication occurs, the mechanism of the communication or the precision of communication. A communication field or network would almost certainly be required to ensure a timely delivery and response to a message. Such a field could also standardize the method of encoding and decoding a message among cell types.

The communication process minimally requires the following:

  1. A transmitting entity
  2. An encoded message capable of being understood by the receiver
  3. A transmission channel
  4. A receiving entity
  5. An ability to decode the message into a mutually held meaning

The message may require two or more properties to ensure effectiveness:

  1. Timeliness, i.e., it may have to arrive and be decoded prior to another event happening within the temporal environment.
  2. Efficiency, i.e., it must contain all the encoded data necessary for the receiver to interpret and respond in the manner intended by the transmitter. Any data interfering with accurate and timely decoding must be excluded.
  3. Feedback channel, i.e., the capacity for the receiver to acknowledge receipt or confirm the performance of a desired action.

Your cells and organs do this all the time. It’s seriously important for the immune system.

The need for timeliness and efficiency almost certainly requires a communication field. A cell under attack from a virus needs a timely response from the immune system before its defenses break down. Sending a chemical messenger measuring 1 nanometer (billionth of a meter) aimlessly through 100,000 miles of circulatory system among 14 gallons of fluid and billions of other molecules is both inefficient and unlikely to initiate a timely response by itself.

The communication field is entirely hypothetical, but the book shows how the frequency of cellular communication and its urgent necessity combine to make a powerful case for its existence. A field or a network of communication is highly likely.

It would also explain biophotons. That’s right. All of your cells emit photons of light. We don’t know their purpose or action now, but we have pictures. All living cells of plant or animal matter emit biophotons. Using them for communication would be incredibly efficient using the electromagnetic field.



Descartes first validated consciousness almost 400 years ago with the simple logic of “I think, therefore I am.” Little more progress has been made by science since then.

An innocent mention of “consciousness” among scientists 20 years ago was sufficient to instantly end one’s career. Consciousness was regarded as an “epiphenomenon” of brain function — an illusion produced by electrical pulses in the brain that scientists still cannot decipher into a description of experience.

Nevertheless, some scientists persisted with the study of consciousness and cautious progress has been made.

Neurologists have derived two brilliant theories: Global Neuronal Workplace and Integrated Information Theory. Both will be briefly explored in the book. As intelligent and reasonable as they are, there’s something missing.

Experience. Even a sunny temperate day in the park with children laughing in the background can be experienced differently. Indeed, any element of the scenario may not even register in consciousness depending upon the other energetic fields in play for the individual. A fair-skinned person may not enjoy the sun and choose to wear a hat; a person who suntans may find the sun’s strength insufficient. Both may not notice the laughing children, but a uniform reaction is not guaranteed if they are.

Experience does not reside in the brain. Science has concluded our memories of experience don’t reside there either.

Nature provides plenty of evidence that a brain is not required for consciousness to arise. As Darwin noted, even a worm can make a choice.

The Answer is One will make the case for consciousness as the ground floor of all matter. A growing number of scientists now believe our cells are conscious too. Their activities are just too complex to explain without it.


Everyone has experienced a “body storm” of energetic emotion. Stress is a standing wave of anger or frustration stored in the emotion domain. It’s now a comorbidity factor for the top six causes of death. Science has done a wonderful job of documenting how stress disrupts the function of every major organ system and affects DNA replication. Treatment remains elusive however, because emotion has not been identified or approached as an energy system.

Emotion is a helpful energy field intended to serve humanity as a warning system. Unfortunately for most, it has become a way of life as an erratic set of energy waves causing severe dysfunction and illness. Stress is the deadliest epidemic in history.

Intervention is almost always possible by proper employment of other human energy domains. Controlled breath by the body biofield domain has been instantly effective to control emotion. Prayer, affirmations and emotional gratitude originating in the brain/mind domain and rising to the consciousness domain are highly effective and have lasting effects. 

The emotion energy field is of primary importance for most people in the world. Mastery of this field alone will lead to a much fuller life and better health. It’s a powerful asset in business and negotiations, family life and decision making. The capacity to keep a calm demeanor and focused thinking while most are lost in emotional turmoil is a priceless life skill.


The heart has been the instinctive center of human existence for millennia. Public claims of feeling and perceiving with the heart are commonplace.

This area of science has made amazing strides in recent years. The discovery of the heart’s electromagnetic field is among the most promising. The electric aspect of the field pumps the muscle; the magnetic aspect extends about three feet outside the body. Or a least, three feet is the range at which our current detectors can register it.

The heart’s electrical field is 60 times greater than the electrical field of the brain. The magnetic field of the heart is 100 times greater than the brain’s magnetic field and the most powerful in the body.

The electromagnetic energy of the heart is quite different than atomic or cellular energy that comprise heart tissue.

Neural (brain) cells called dendrites have been discovered in the heart. Signals from those cells run along the vagus nerve pathway between the heart and brain. There is an evidence-based theory the heart’s brain cells operate independently of the brain, and the communication channel carries more signals to the brain than the other way, i.e., the heart does most of the talking.

Two new scientific fields of study have arisen to understand the above facts better. Magnetocardiography studies the electromagnetic properties of the heart and has been used in clinical settings for intervention purposes.  Neurocardiology studies the communication between the heart and the brain.

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