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Human Experience and Energy

After Roger Bannister first broke the “unbreakable” four-minute mile record that stood for more than 20 years, 10 new records were set during the next decade. The improved time performances were 17.4 percent better than the previous two decades. It has gone down in history as The Bannister Effect.

This chapter examines the Bannister Effect in terms of energy exchanges with a complete data set – including Bannister’s own account that was omitted by every other analysis. It includes an introduction to non-physical information exchange experienced by scientists such as Newton, Edison, Einstein and Jung as they conceived and invented the concepts that shape our world today.

Topic Areas

  • Bannister Effect
  • Deconstructing the Bannister Effect
  • Bannister Effect as Non-Physical Information Transfer
  • Pushing Forward
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Science and the Emergent Human

This chapter summarizes how our current science developed up to present day. It starts with the birth of materialist-reductionism and expands to Einstein’s paradigm shift with mass-energy equivalence. It then covers a brief review of the discoveries supporting humanity’s truest reality as energy beings.

Another paradigm shift similar to the one introduced by Einstein is on its way, and it’s anticipated within 20 years. This is the historical background to understand how the shift is currently evolving.

Topic Areas

  • History of Materialist Science
  • Einstein’s Paradigm Shift
  • Mass-Energy Equivalence
  • The Approaching Paradigm Shift
  • New Clues About Our Energy Bodies
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Life as an Energy Being

The core thesis, focus and major hypotheses of The Answer is One are described here. It’s the heart of the whole work.

We are not cut off from nature. Humanity is an honored and respected participant within the entire ecosystem of the universe. We influence its development as it influences our own. Most of our greatest scientists shared this view and made their biggest discoveries based on their experience of that cooperative relationship.

The book’s methodology for the presentation of information is also outlined here.

Topic Areas

  • Humanity’s Dangerous Dilemma: Knowing Neither What We Are nor What We Can Be
  • Einstein’s Thoughts on our Connection to Nature
  • A Change of Perspective
  • Book Thesis and Core Focus
  • Four Fundamental Questions of Life
  • The Science Question and What is Scientific Fact?
  • Presentation of Evidence
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Human Energy Domains

An overview of the human energy domains and their functions are detailed in this chapter. Every human being is intimately aware of these fields already. They’re part of our daily experience and therefore self-evident.

These fields can be thought of as the inverse of the electromagnetic field that carries light, radio transmissions and television signals. The electromagnetic field was entirely theoretical until mathematics and experimentation proved its existence. The existence of human energy domains is proven by our experience of them, and their energetic nature can be explored by modifying them.


Topic Areas

  • Unexplained Phenomenon
  • Rise of Popular but Wrong Ideas
  • Energy: Common Denominator for All Reality
  • Human Matter and the Quantum Field
  • Brief Descriptions of Human Energy Domains
  • More TBD
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Consciousness Energy Domain


There is no conclusive science regarding the existence of consciousness. However, documented Near Death Experiences (NDEs) have offered a broad spectrum of replicated testimony about consciousness for more than 50 years.

That data provides a basis from which we can reliably conclude that the brain and consciousness interact on a regular basis but the two are indeed separate. Consciousness appears to exhibit both local and non-local properties spread across space-time.

Current theories about consciousness in light of NDE testimony reveals an information exchange between consciousness and the brain/mind. The implications are profound.


Topic Areas

  • Data of Near Death Experiences
  • CIA and Remote Viewing
  • PSI Data
  • Disclosure: My Personal Out-of-Body Experience
  • Experience as Data
  • Meditation, Consciousness and Gamma Brain Waves
  • More TBD
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The Brain/Mind Domain

There is clearly a relationship among all the human energy fields working together in a vortex of energy exchanges. Among the most powerful for human experience is the brain/mind.

There are many misconceptions about the abilities of the brain/mind domain that limit our experience of self. This chapter dismisses common myths and expands knowledge of the many possibilities available and easily accessible through attention and intention.

Most people are focused on their brain/mind domain most of the time. Understanding this fundamental field is required for improvement and self-mastery. Our neural connections have direct effect on the resonant frequency and function of the entire system.

Topic Areas

  • The Changeable Brain: Advantages & Disadvantages
  • A Hybrid System
  • Known Brain Waves
  • Distinction of Mind from Brain
  • Rise of Gamma Waves
  • Hypothesis: Brain as Read-Write Head for Consciousness
  • Quieting Monkey Mind
  • More TBD
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The Heart Domain

The heart is far more than a noisy pump. It radiates an electromagnetic field extending at least three feet around the body and has an independent brain consisting of at least 40,000 neural dendrites. It also can synthesize and release hormones of its own. It’s directly connected to multiple areas of the brain/mind via the vagus nerve.

It has been shown that interaction with pets and other humans directly affects the heart field and heart rates can resonate with each other. It may transfer information to other humans also.

Topic Areas

  • Cultural Importance of the Heart
  • Egyptian Beliefs
  • Little Brain on the Heart
  • Resonance with Animals
  • Other TBD
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The Emotion Energy Domain

Emotion is a powerful mediator of experience and health. It affects every organ system of the body and can limit or enhance their functions. It can moderate the generation of neural cells in the brain, change the heart rhythm, affect digestion and influence the expression of DNA. It even affects blood chemistry and the ability to fight off infections. It determines how we age too.

Many people assume emotions are somehow hardwired or outside of their control. This is a myth that has been allowed to fester and propagate for too long. No one has the power to cause you stress or to make anyone else angry.

The emotion field is entirely under every person’s control, and the sooner we exercise that power, the faster our lives improve. Learning to use this key domain as it was intended is crucial for humanity’s fate.


Topic Areas

  • Nobody Can Make You Angry
  • Stress: An American Plague
  • Negative Emotion are Warning Alarms
  • Positive Emotions Can Heal – The Placebo Effect
  • Returning to Stasis
  • Proven Stress Relief Practices
  • More TBD
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The Body Biofield Domain

The human body is remarkably active and complex with trillions of interactions taking place every second. Millions of antibodies are synthesized from 1200 amino acids. Cells of incredibly variant lifespans are dying and replaced at the rate of at least 15 billion per day without incident or notice. Each of at least 38 trillion cells behaves as an ongoing construction site of proteins engineering the tools necessary to fulfill their function.

Across the system there is astounding coherency that informs all of the ongoing activity. Despite the incredible diversity of cells, functions, organs and systems, all the action is apparently coordinated and perform as one unit with the ability to instantaneously adjust to one another.

This miraculous orderliness supports ongoing dynamic equilibrium that stores information and energy to maintain life.

Topic Areas

  • Body Review:
    • Cells
    • Immune System
    • Enteric Brain
    • DNA
  • Rise of Epigenetics
  • Biophotons and Bioluminescence
  • Discovery of the Interstitium
  • Energy and Breath
  • Mystery of Sleep
  • Known Quantum Processes
  • Body Biofield as a Hologram
  • More TBD
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The Communication Energy Domain

We know communication takes place with great speed and uncanny uniformity across the body. A standard is required for messages to be accurately encoded and decoded. The Communication Domain is a theoretical construct for these processes in addition to explaining the receipt of information from outer sources of the body.

The communication field likely provides the standardization needed among cell types and the of systems involved. Internal communications are too fast and numerous to be explained by the nervous system or chemical messengers in the bloodstream alone.

Biophotons found in every living organism and proven beyond question may well be the resident intelligence at work within the Communication Energy Domain.


Topic Areas

  • The Communication Process
  • Channels of Communication
  • Consciousness for Communication
  • Electromagnetic Communication and Cellular Antennae
  • Quantum Tunneling
  • Body as a Hologram
  • Biophotons
  • More TBD
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Forces of Nature

The six Human Energy Domains comprise the elements of the coherent human being. An individual must achieve balance among the domains to realize self as a force of nature.

The top triad of Consciousness-Brain/Mind-Heart Energy Domains influence the activities of the bottom triad of Body Biofield-Emotion-Communication Domains for better or worse until balance is achieved.

However, the process in not hierarchal; it operates as a torus of energy moving upward and downward simultaneously across the organism in a perfect feedback loop. When toroidal balance is achieved, the full systemic intelligence emerges, and any situational change may be overcome with dedicated focus.


Topic Areas

  • Creators on the Physical Plain
  • Universal Constant: Change
  • Imagination as Prelude to Future
  • Understanding Energetic Relationship
  • Belief and the Quantum Field
  • Religious Elements of Belief and Energy
  • Importance of Sleep
  • More TBD
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The Whole Human 

Chapter 12 helps the reader integrate awareness with all of nature as Einstein first implored us to do. The emphasis here is learning how to live from the inner self outward rather than the other way around. There is no loss of integrity or personal importance by raising our consciousness first to global consciousness and then to cosmic consciousness. Attempts to impose outer world problems upon us will have no effect. We will discover new capacities that lay dormant until our consciousness rises to be responsible stewards of our powers. The Flower of Life will bloom for us.

Topic Areas

  • LIving from the Inner World Outward
  • The Power of Supercoherence
  • No Species is Overendowed
  • The Human Genome Project
  • Mayan Calendar
  • As Above, So Below
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Believe Yourself

There are no boundaries to the integrated human being save that of an expanding and developing universe cooperating with all life. It is our awesome duty to future generations of humanity, our contemporaries and ourselves to participate in the first thoughtful evolution of humankind. We are the first to explore and discover humanity’s rightful place in the universe as natural and powerful beings. It’s our destiny to know the answer is one. We are pioneers of the 21st Century.

Topic Areas

  • Pondering the Evidence
  • Future Generations
  • Know Thyself
  • Trust Thyself
  • Command Your World
  • More TBD

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