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The compelling reason for this investigation is to update humanity’s frame of reference as energy beings operating within an energy universe. This is contrary to older models championed by Hobbes and Descartes during the 17th Century. They propagated the idea that people function as mechanistic biological units in a mechanistic and material universe.

The wholly regrettable concept from 400 years ago never had one ounce of scientific proof. The first person to contradict the idea was Descartes himself. He famously said, “I think therefore, I am.” Mechanistic thinking by definition would produce uniform thought processes across humanity.

It’s self-evident that has never been the case. Yet the concept of a materialist and mechanistic universe persists in the 21st Century. It’s in our culture, politics and even our medicine. It’s a pernicious and subtle influence that is most evident in how human beings treat one another and our ecosystem. It’s at the root of the chaos so clearly evident across the globe at this writing.

Descartes was a contemporary of Isaac Newton, whose laws of physics gave some cover for the material/mechanistic model. Newton’s equations of physics applied to large objects. But Newton was wrong about the cause of gravity and the indivisible nature of the atom. We first realized these errors and those of several other concepts in the late 19th Century. Science was thrown into turmoil.

Einstein’s special relativity theory in 1905 and general relativity theory of 1915 was the paradigm shift needed to get science back on track. Discrepancies regarding, the atom, gravity and time were resolved. Science was able to make its own “quantum leap” forward with the new paradigm and thereafter progressed with spectacular speed. The science of atoms and particles known as quantum physics arose out of the new revelations.

Einstein was the first person to say human beings are energy beings living in an energy universe. He just used different words. He also said human beings are an integrated part of the universe even though our senses imprison us in “ … a kind of optical delusion of [humanity’s] consciousness.”

That should have been a wake up call for us all. It wasn’t. Humanity proceeded with business as usual even as scientists invented atomic bombs, microwave ovens and cell phones based on Einstein’s principles.

We never heeded Einstein’s call to “… free ourselves from this prison.” We continued to see ourselves as separate from the whole of the universe and we remain there to this day.

This book is not the first attempt to free humanity from the prison of our current consciousness by any stretch of the imagination. There are hundreds of works from which everything in this book is drawn. Those works are from some of the finest minds in history.

In truth, the book is distinguished only by extending the concepts to human experience. It’s about how we relate to the world and universe and come to know them. This approach was chosen specifically to help improve those experiences in every realm. You can prove the concepts to yourself.

It seeks to answer fundamental questions about how to adapt to the reality Einstein proved more than a century ago. How do we best manage our energy? Can it be amplified and realized in daily experiences? Perhaps to extend our lives and improve our health?

Yes, to those questions and many more. We are far more capable than we know.

Human beings command a highly sophisticated biotechnology with multiple energy systems within. We are adaptable and do not know of any limits to our brains or consciousness. Those two aspects may in fact be infinite. There’s no proof to the contrary, and there’s growing proof to reinforce it.

This book is your passport and map to exploring your infinite nature using the best science we have.

Life as a human being is a much grander adventure than any of us realize. Let nothing or no one deprive you of it. You are free beings working in collaboration with the universe. Nothing is powerful enough to truly stop your exploration.

Let it begin.


Human Energy Domains

Human Energy Domains

The six human energy domains are perhaps the first attempt to accurately describe the human being and its life force within a modern scientific framework of energy. 

The six domains are postulates. The domain arrangement provides a method of directing attention to facilitate identification of problem areas. Intention is directed to a domain as we experiment and modify a domain’s energy expression.

Postulates suggest or assume the existence of an actuality as a basis for reasoning, discussion or belief. Fields in quantum physics are postulates inasmuch as they are not directly observable.

The human energy domains are arranged around the experiences every human being has direct experience with and control over. The existence of the energy itself is self-evident. Only the field is a postulate because it has no mathematical proof.

Technically, that puts the human fields in the same category as gravity. We can calculate gravity’s strength and influence, but how gravity manifests is still a postulate.


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